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I am creating a foundation to quickly build highly customized websites.


My career in a nutshell

First things first: My name is Niklas Garnholz, I'm 28 years old and I'm working as a frontend developer in Bavaria.

It pretty much all started with a buddy from Hamburg with whom I wanted to start a music label. I created album covers, youtube thumbnails etc. in Photoshop. The end of the song: It didn't work out - now it's a magazine.

After that I did an apprenticeship as a media designer at EMP. 3 years later and half an eternity with the car to the vocational school there and back - bang - junior web designer. At EMP, things really took off. What are Shopsystems? Salesforce, what? And when you are done commit first and then push! And do not push into the master!

And now i'm here: Frontend Developer

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Kirby CMS


Creative Cloud



Some fancy stuff I like to show are the events I've attended. Basically these are the events that I learned the most. I think most of the time it's all about show stuff to a crowd or connecting with awesome people.