72 hours hustle

The clock is ticking. Are you ready to deliver?

In 2019 I participated at the Osnahack. A hackathon in which a prototype had to be built around a predefined technology within 3 days. The technology was LoRaWAN a layer protocol. Designed for large public networks.


It was early once again - too early for me when I headed towards the Osnabrück city center. One thing was for sure, I was extremely motivated and excited. No, I didn't have my first colonoscopy, nor was I on a blind date. My excitement was only caused by the OSNAHACK. Because I was about to go to my first hackathon.

When I arrived, I saw the entrance to the building. A red carpet was rolled out and the doors were wide open. Inside, it was possible to smell the presence of higher intelligence. More than 60 people from programmers to designers and entertainers were in this hall.


And then things got started. The first people presented their ideas and you could feel the energy in everyone. At least that's what I tell myself now. I mean, it was morning and most of them hadn't had their first coffee yet. Anyway.

We joined together in a team of 6 people. 3 programmers, 2 designers and an electrical engineer? Don't be mad at me if you read this, I forgot. Together we first developed our idea.

A QR code lock that can be opened via an app. It could be used, for example, in student accommodation. Lockers could be used here to lend out tools. One person puts his tool in the locker and locks it using the QR code lock. Another person rents the tool and thus gains access to the lock and can open it alone.


ANISHARE as we have lovingly named it has thus come to life. During the first hours I, as a designer, spent most of the time developing a rough design concept. What will the app look like and what features should it have? For this I used the rest of the first afternoon. In the evening we got down to business. We didn't have much time left, so the design had to be ready on the same day.

After 3 hours of sleep, we continued. Here, a presentation had to be created at the end. And I was tired! But the Energy kept you awake. The presentation was created while in parallel the last technical changes were made.

So now the time had come. The moment of decision. Is our concept cool or for the garbage can?


It was for the trash can. Yes, life is not a movie. We presented it and it didn't impress. We didn't make it to the podium, well.

Nevertheless, the hackathon was a wonderful experience, if I get the chance to participate in a hackathon again, I will. It took a lot out of me and I aged 5 years more in that time due to all the stress, but it was worth it!