Accessible website

A complete redesign was performed for the hochschulfreunde website.

The Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences has numerous committees in which students can advocate for their interests. These student representatives are summarized under the name Hochschulfreunde!

With the emergence of the brand name Hochschulfreunde, the website of the same name was also created. Hochschulfreunde was developed, implemented, and launched online in 2015 as part of a master's thesis.

Over the years, however, a lot has changed in the committee landscape and its communication to the outside world. In the past, the website design no longer followed a concrete strategy. Since the website is the flagship of the committee's work and is also considered an important information platform, it should now be relaunched.

We set ourselves three goals for the implementation, which were incorporated into the entire design. Modularity, accessibility and functionality.

Brooke Cagle

Information collection

At first, we collected all the given information from the short concept, briefing and Miro board. Then, we put them together into one document.


Rapid design

Within 72 hours, we were able to complete an initial layout. We then transferred this to a interactive prototype.