Rebellious application

Application for dynamic formation of cycling groups in everyday life to take advantage of the right of association under paragraph 27 of the StvO.

Cyclists are inferior to car drivers in every way. There is inequality in terms of safety, rights and space on the road, which has not changed so far. Blocked bike lanes, lack of minimum distance when overtaking or stealing the right of way are just a few of the problems when you participate in road traffic as a cyclist.

RIOD makes use of the right of association according to paragraph 27 of the StvO. The paragraph states that a group of at least 16 cyclists who are visually identified as the same and are recognized by their same way of riding are considered to be a group. This means that they now have all the rights of a car and may behave as such.

The process of forming bike groups is simple. Every time the user jumps on his bike, he enters his destination in the app. RIOD then automatically directs the user to a so-called assembly point where the user meets up with other cyclists. The app then sends the group in one direction at the same time.

As a result, we create more safety for cyclists. They are more visible, have more space to ride and can spot dangerous situations a lot easier.


Keep it simple

The app does not require your name, age or height. Just register with your phone number and start right away.


Enter route and let's go

It always has to be fast in the morning. That's why the app does everything for you. Enter the route, select assembly points and get on your bike. You can put your smartphone away now, you won't need it until the next assembly point.



The color marking identifies the cyclists as one group. Depending on the size of the group, the color changes.



RIOD is going to revolutionize inner-city traffic. The advantages are clear – quieter cities, protection of the environment and more safety for cyclists.